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Outlooks on Pest Management
Electronic Access Request

Subscribers to Outlooks on Pest Management may access the online Electronic Edition free of charge on this website simply by requesting access. Access to previous volumes subscribed can also be arranged, whilst older volumes are freely available. This content is also freely available to subscribers, and on a pay-per-view basis to others, via the IngentaConnect website:

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[Use of this online service is conditional on reading and compliance with the terms and conditions set out in our Electronic Information Licence Agreement (EILA). You can read and/or download a copy here (PDF format, 21 kb).]

To request online access, simply complete the form below quoting the 5-character Subscriber Number that can be found on your print edition address label OR supply the full name and address to which your print issues are delivered. Please note that our request for the subscriber number is only so that we can identify you easily. If you do not have it, your delivery address is sufficient.

Subscription agents should see the notes here.

We will set up access for you as quickly as possible, but note that this process can take some time during busy periods. The email address supplied for this purpose will not be passed to third parties.

Individuals and others connecting to the Internet via a dial-up connection should request a username/password combination. Institutional subscribers who require access for multiple users should request access by IP address recognition.

Contact your computer system technical support department for information on the above, and for the correct IP addresses to specify. Research Information Ltd cannot provide technical assistance for this free service. Note that you must ensure that these online resources are not accessed by unauthorized persons via your facilities, or using your password/username.

Be sure that your email address is correct, or we will not be able to contact you. If you have not heard from us after a reasonable length of time, please email us.

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You will find your Subscriber Number on the labels used to deliver your print edition subscription of Pesticide Outlook. These look similar to that shown below, where the Subscriber Number appears within the red box:

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