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The following links may be of interest to readers of our publications. If you know of other links relevant to any of the publication areas we work in, please mail us at

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Development / Appropriate Technology

Appropedia -- a living library wiki, focused on success in two global initiatives: the reduction of poverty through International Development and an increase in sustainability through the use of Appropriate Technology

  British Overseas NGOs for Development (BOND)
  Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD)

Design for Development (DFD) -- Dedicated to using the design process as a problem-solving tool to address issues in underserved areas of the world.

  Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GTZ)
  International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD)
 The International Rice Research Institute
  Mathias Mundy (Development Communications)
  Mobility and Health
  Our Planet
  Peace Corps
  Plan International
  Practical Action (previously known as ITDG)
  St. Patrick's Missionary Society
  Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO)
  Waterways and Livelihoods

Food Regulatory / Safety / Microbiology

Food & Drink Federation, UK

Cellsalive! (images)

The Institute of Food Science & Technology, UK

USDA/FDA Foodborne Illness Education Information Center

UK Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Glossary of Microbiology

US Food & Drug Administration

Oregon State University Food Resource

US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

Iowa State University Extension, Food Safety Project

Pest Management - Worldwide Agriculture Business Portal

Asociacion Nacional de Empresas de Control de Plagas (ANECPLA) - CEPA National Association member Spain

Ass. Nazionale delle Imprese di Disinfestazione (ANID) - CEPA National Association member Italy

Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association Ltd (AEPMA) - FAOPMA member Australia

  Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc.

Begium Pest Control - CEPA National Association member Belgium

   British Pest Control Association (BPCA) - CEPA National Association member UK
   Bulgarian Pest Control Association (BPCA) - CEPA National Association member Bulgaria
   Chambre Syndicale 3D - CEPA National Association member France

Chinese Association for the Control of Rodents and Sanitary Insects (CACRSI) - FAOPMA member    PR China

   Chinese Pest Control Association - FAOPMA member Taiwan
   Confederation of European Pest Control Associations (CEPA)
   DDD servis - CEPA National Association member Czech Republic
   Deutscher Schadlingsbekampfer Verband e.V (DSV) - CEPA National Association member Germany
   Dutch Pest Control Association (NVO) - CEPA National Association member The Netherlands
   Environmental Management Association of Singapore (EMAS) - FAOPMA member Singapore
   Federation of Asian & Oceania Pest  Managers Associations (FAOPMA)
   Fed. Suisse des Desinfecteurs - CEPA National Association member Switzerland
   GROQUIFAR - CEPA National Association member Portugal
   Hong Kong Pest Management Association - FAOPMA member Hong Kong
   Hungarian Pest Control Association (MaKOSz) - CEPA National Association member Hungary
   Indian Pest Control Association - FAOPMA member India
   Irish Pest Control Association (IPCA) - CEPA National Association member Ireland
   Japan Pest Control Association - FAOPMA member Japan
   Korea Pest Control Association - FAOPMA member South Korea
   Landesinnung Wien der Schadingsbekampfer - CEPA National Association member Austria
   National Pest Management Association inc (NPMA)
   National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) 
   Pest Control Association of Malaysia
   Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines - FAOPMA member Philippines
   Polish Pest Control Association - CEPA National Association member Poland
   Singapore Pest Management Association (SPMA)

South African Pest Control Association (SAPCA)

  Thailand Pest Control Association - FAOPMA member Thailand

Mathematics / Technology

The Int J of Technology in Mathematics Education editorial home page at the University of Plymouth

Editorial Team, Int J of Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education

School of Mathematics, University of Plymouth, UK


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